Building a People-First Brand

Building a People-First Brand

by The Bazaar Inc. | Dec 1st 2019

Building a People-First Brand

It’s human nature to be intimidated by change, and we at Bazaar are not exempt from that. So why, after 60 successful years of building a business and connecting with the customers and communities we serve, did we decide to take the challenge of change head-on? We thought of the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but ultimately found that mantra to be far too limiting. If we never try to fix or improve things that are adequate, we’d be going against the principles on which Bazaar was founded. Of course, we saw the risks in rebranding, especially as a 60-year old company, but more so, we saw the opportunity. We saw an opportunity to push ourselves and to show our customers that we are always evolving to serve them in the best way we can.

Bazaar champions a ‘People-First’ mentality that is a core driver of everything we do. When we sought to rebrand, we asked ourselves how our new brand would best represent the people that serve as our ‘why’. We considered what qualities would be most valued by our own employees, as well as our customers and members of the Bazaar community. We started asking questions and challenging what we already knew, allowing us to dig deeper and put real purpose behind the changes we made.

We started to uncover what mattered most to the people who matter to us. They value honesty and relatability paired with exceptional service. They value a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs met through modern solutions. Above all, they value authenticity. They value knowing that for us, it’s not just business– it’s personal. This knowledge, combined with some hard work, a few late nights, and one (or two) rounds of revisions, led us to the new Bazaar: a brand that stands for and delivers accessibility, adaptability and growth, and human connections.

We won’t tell you that the rebrand process is easy, but it resulted in a brand that we fell in love with, and that we’re sure the people we value will fall in love with as well. This evolved brand shows us as a nimble company, ready to adapt to our changing surroundings and circumstances. It tells the world that we’re willing to evolve with them for another 60 years and beyond, still providing the same unparalleled service and value along the way. And, we hope it inspires you to take a look at your own brand and consider the incredible opportunity that these intimidating changes, big or small, could bring to your organization.

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