Three Steps to Build a Future Proof Brand

Three Steps to Build a Future Proof Brand

by The Bazaar Inc. | Jun 10th 2020

Three Steps to Build a Future Proof Brand

No matter what business you’re in, the hot topic across all industries is how companies are not onlynavigating the pandemic, but also staying successful. We at Bazaar have measured success during covid-19 in a few different ways. First and foremost, we can only consider ourselves successful if we know that all of our employees, as well as the customers we serve, are safe. Then, of course, comes the actual business. As an essential business, we have remained open throughout covid-19, and have even carried out a rebrand along the way. Here’s how we’ve navigated the pandemic thus far, and how we plan to continue future-proofing our brand:

Grow mindfully. When business is good, it’s easy to let your confidence override your practicality. It can be tempting to allocate resources toward expansion, mass hiring, and other costly measures that may beef up your business in the short term, but could be detrimental down the road. Bazaar has taken a slow but steady approach to growth over our 60 years, which has resulted in a resilient, family-like workforce that has continued to stand the test of time.

Take precautions, and take them seriously. With an influx of information that changes daily, we felt the pressure to make decisions that would affect our entire workforce as well as our customers. As an essential business, we felt the need to stay open while prioritizing the health of our essential workers. We did this by constantly re-evaluating and readjusting as new information was provided to us while always taking the extra step to stay safe.

Keep communication open. We believe in practicing what we preach. As a people-first business, the most important step to us was being transparent with our people. We want our staff to know what decisions we are making and why, and we want to be honest with our customers. This transparency goes a long way in building trust, loyalty and understanding across our business. With all of the fear and uncertainty in the world right now, we want to be a brand and workplace that people rely on.

We can’t predict what the future of Bazaar will look like, but what we can do today is build practices and policies that will help shape our business for steady growth. Through adaptability, thoughtful precautions, and honesty with our staff and customers, we’ve been able to create a safe and sustainable business. As we continue to grow through these unusual circumstances, we will continue to ask ourselves not only how we can improve as a company, but also how we will best serve our people.

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