“One of the best parts about our program is being able to match people with different jobs to help strengthen their abilities. I love having employees ask to learn new things...that's what inclusion means to me. Support and encouragement.”

Carla Arias, VP Bargains in a Box

“Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is! That explains what The Bazaar represents. The passion, understanding, patients and willingness to accommodate and give opportunities to employees is a measuring tool that all businesses should adopt. This company is a trailblazer for the future of how employees of all kinds are treated with or without disabilities.”

Walter Johnson,Office Assistant & Recruiting Coordinator

“I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of a company that is working to increase disability inclusion efforts through our teammates and partners. It’s been eye-opening to be a part of this dream program and contribute to the future of The Bazaar. Thankful to the Nardick family for the opportunity to work in an inclusive team that cares and supports us.”

Diana Hernandez, Data Analyst

“We often find that those who are disabled are robbed of a sense of independence from an early age. One of the pillars of our program is empowering every single person who works under our roof to take control of their careers, and to give them the tools and resources to do so.”

Garrett Rosiek , Dir. of Employee Experience & Engagement

“One of The Bazaar’s interview questions was about what will make me happy — and that’s the first time I’ve been asked about that on a job interview.”

Lawrence Johnson, Assistant Facilities Manager

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Categories: Housewares, Pet Supplies, Clothing

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Categories: Health and Beauty, Household Cleaning Supplies

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Categories: Automotive, Electronics, Candy, Food, Sporting Goods


If you’ve been thinking about implementing a purposeful inclusion program — whether you believe it’s a smart business decision or because it’s something you’re passionate about — we are here to help you along the way.


To aid in organizations’ talent search, The Bazaar is offering to communicate directly and introduce any interested potential employer or employee to leaders at nearly 150 community and support organizations. Its network of partners and established relationships include hiring partners, career coaches and nonprofit organizations that help individuals who are disabled, veterans, previously incarcerated or homeless, and other eligible workforce leaders to identify, secure and sustain employment.

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